Why is it Necessary for Commercial Establishment to Install Epoxy Floor Coating?

In locations including airports, hospitals, museums, hotels, restaurants, retail showrooms, and shopping malls, commercial floor covering is crucial.

These locations have a lot of foot traffic, which leaves the flooring susceptible to various issues:

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Greater foot traffic or frequent customer traffic areas highlight the necessity for treated and protected business floor coating.

Car parts shop featuring gravel-look epoxy flooring.
Commercial kitchen featuring fresh concrete look epoxy flooring.
Commercial shop with bare concrete floor awaiting epoxy flooring application.
Auto body shop paint booth with flake blend epoxy flooring.

Which is the Ideal Remedy?

All of these issues and hazards have a single, perfect, practical, and affordable solution: commercial epoxy flooring! Epoxy concrete floors serve as a sealant and offer all commercial areas rapid, durable, and customized solutions. There are also numerous other advantages:

Commercial floor coatings tailored to various industries

Given the advantages of epoxy resin, West Pacific Coating provides numerous businesses in Vancouver with commercial epoxy floors and commercial concrete coatings. Several industries that take advantage of the many advantages of epoxy concrete floors include:

Medical Clinic and Specialist Offices

Epoxy resin coatings are a safe and non-toxic flooring option for medical facilities that see a variety of patients on a daily basis.

Area Of Fitness And Fitness Club

Health clubs' floors require a sturdy epoxy coating to protect them from significant weight drops and heavy foot activity. Furthermore, if their floors are not resilient to the abrupt force of a fall, they will have to incur high repair costs.

Business Kitchens And Restaurants

Epoxy resin flooring is essential in commercial kitchens because of the high foot traffic and chemicals present. Epoxy flooring provides the durability and chemical resistance required for areas that frequently handle chemicals and foot traffic.

Commercial kitchen featuring fresh concrete look epoxy flooring.

Why Fraser Plus Epoxy?

A locally owned business with years of experience providing many industry sectors in Greater Vancouver with commercial coating.

We have successfully executed commercial projects including restaurant floor coatings, epoxy coated shopping store floors, hospitals and clinics, airports, gyms and sports centers, and concrete floors in commercial workplaces.

Our superior commercial epoxy flooring services in Greater Vancouver have established the company as one of the leaders in flooring solutions and elite concrete floor contractors.

We prepared to overdeliver on your needs because of our wealth of expertise, understanding of the field, dedication, and ability to operate as a team. In addition, we are continuously developing new methods, enhancing our offerings, and looking for ways to assist our clients the reliable commercial epoxy flooring solution.

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